Week 2, stitches are out!

Week 2 has been really good for roane shes starting to move around more and has more confidence on the stairs and the kitchen floor. Its so good to see my big girl coming back! ❤

Yesterday we had a great trip to the vets and got those itchy stitches taken out. The Dr. says my incision looks great! I had so much fun riding in the car and visiting my favorite tech anna that i needed a nap!



Author: roane226

Proud dog mama to roane. a big beautiful 130 lb anatolian shepherd who has been the light of my life for the last 6 years ❤ our big girl was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in mid june and as of july 2nd is officially a tripawd.

2 thoughts on “Week 2, stitches are out!”

  1. Wow that does look great! You had a terrific surgeon Roane. Congratulations on moving past the recovery phase!

    Now, I think that you need to take back your place on that comfy couch I see in the picture 🙂

    1. Dr Adrian did a beautiful job, we’re blessed to have found him.
      You’ve figured out Roanes secret! She is a major couch potato! lol between her and Moe mom doesnt get much space 😉

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